lowongn di agung sedayu

1. Corp. Tenant Relation Mgr.
2. Finance & Accounting Mgr.
3. Research & Development Mgr.
4. Housing Manager
5. Hall Manager
6. Chief Area
7. Purchasing Spv.
8. Advertising & Promotion Spv.
9. Warehouse & Production Spv.
10. Steward Spv.
11. Quality Control Spv.
12. Finance & Accounting Spv.
13. Tenant Relation Staff
14. Secretary
15. Internal Auditor
16. Administrator
17. Design Graphic
18. Co Writer (Jurnalis)
19. Media Relation
20. Receptionist
21. Cashier Finance
22. Finance & Accounting Staff
23. Safety Officer
24. Marketing & Business Development
25. Cost Accounting

Please send your CV & Resume to :HR Recruitment
Agung Sedayu Group
Gedung Harco Electronic Superstore Lt. 4
Jl. Arteri Mangga Dua Jakarta Pusat 10730or






One Response to “lowongn di agung sedayu”

  1. Fatimah Says:

    lowongan kerjanya dibuka sampai tanggal berapa ya?

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